widlaser F150laser marking

In order to efficiently meet the market demands for laser marking, we developed the widlaser range of robust, reliable and technologically advanced equipment with extremely favourable conditions.
The F150 compact design allows for greater adaptability, making it a more versatile and accessible laser engraving solution.

Dimensions (W x L x H):
Machine: 615 x 600 x 750 /1570 mm (with cabinet)| Crate: 720 x 720 x 920 mm
Weight (kg):
Machine: Approx. 80 kg | Crate: Approx. 120 kg
Power: AC 230v 50/60Hz
Type of Laser: Pulsed fiber laser

Best lasers in market

We have a full range of lasers available through partnerships with the best brands in the market.

Easy to use software

User-friendly software with powerful tools, suitable for beginners or professionals.

Endless applications

Cut and engrave several materials with one single process. Autofocus to facilitate use.

First-class materials

Thanks to the smart and robust design of the laser machines, we ensure their reliability, precision and robustness.

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main features

  • Pulsed fiber laser
  • Power: 20w to 50w
  • Speed up to 4000 mm/sec.
  • Resolution up to 2,000 DPIS
  • Motorized focus, with double point
  • Minimum line size 0.1mm
  • 1064nm wavelength
  • Air cooling
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Windows software included
  • Extraction system
  • Built-in purifier
  • File formats: plt, dxf, ai, bmp, jpeg, png, tiff, gif, etc.


  • Useful area 150×150 mm
  • Object height up to 135mm


  • Autofocus
  • Adapter for cylindrical objects
  • Support cabinet
  • Lens: 100×100 mm
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