widlaser C500Laser cutting and engraving

The widlaser C500 is designed to effectively respond to the needs of the laser engraving and cutting market. We have developed a compact, fast, robust, reliable and technologically advanced equipment. The compact dual-chassis design, allows you, to have all the necessary elements to properly function with the equipment in a single volume. Its CleanProtect design, with special dust-proof and smoke-proof linear modules allows speeds and accelerations up to 3 times higher than conventional equipment. This way, we ensure that the C500 widlaser is always operational.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1200 x 1010 x 1240 mm
Weight: 250 kg
Electricity: 220v 50/60 10A
Type of laser: 60w CO2 tube

Best lasers in the market

We have a full range of lasers available through partnerships with the best brands in the market.

Easy to use software

User-friendly software with powerful tools, suitable for beginners or professionals.

Endless applications

Cut and engrave several materials with one single process. Autofocus to facilitate use.

First class materials

Thanks to the smart and robust design of the laser machines, we ensure their reliability, precision and robustness.

Main specifications

  • 60w CO2 laser
  • 1 x 1 mm Minimum Letter Size
  • 90.000 mm/min of maximum speed
  • AI, DST, PLT, BMP, DXF Files
  • User-friendly software
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Smoke extraction system
  • USB and Network connectivity
  • Automatic air control

Work space

  • 700x500mm Working area
  • 150mm adjustable in height
  • Auto-Focus
  • Removable blades
  • Honeycomb table
  • Drawer for collecting objects/waist


  • 30w CO2 RF Lasers
  • Rotary adaptors
  • 2 inches lens
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