widcnc 1325milling machine

The range of widcnc equipment was developed to efficiently meet the market demands for milling machines. We develop a range of robust, reliable and technologically advanced equipment with extremely favourable conditions.

Dimensions: 204cm L x 304cm C x 164cm A
Weight: 950 kg
Electricity: 380 V 3-phase AC 50/60 Hz 14A
Maximum moving speed: up to 25 m/m

Best milling cutters in the market

We have a full range of CNC machines capable of responding to market demands.

Easy to use software

User-friendly software with powerful tools, suitable for beginners or professionals.

Endless applications

Cut and engrave several materials.

First class materials

We guarantee reliable, robust and accurate machines.

Main specifications

  • Vacuum table with 6 independent areas
  • Vacuum pump 5.5 kw
  • Work space 130 cm x 250 cm
  • Z axis height up to 12 cm
  • X/Y movement: endless screw
  • Z movement: endless screw
  • Stepper motors
  • Air cooled spindle power 3.0 kw
  • Double bag vacuuming 3.5 kw
  • Structure with welded beams
  • ArtCAM software – 1 year licence
  • Control system: DSP controller
  • USB/network connectivity


  • Machine lubrication system
  • Milling cutter cooling
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